Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Welcome to the jungle

New day in Quito lazily awaken from the sleep. We also woke up to pack before taking new challenge – 4 days trip to the jungle. To get there we got across Andes with Tame airlines, then had 3 hours motorboat ride from Coca to Anangu Community, and then 2 hours of canoe paddling. We got deep into the jungle. And I must say what I felt - it was like the movie trailer:

In the middle of nowhere,
Deep in the jungle,
At the black waters of the lake,
There's a place
Like no other in the world -
Napo Wildlife Center

This was in my head when we arrived to the lodge. Place was amazing and looked really great. Plenty of cabins at the lakeshore and in the middle of them all, large building with big observation tower reaching high above roof of the jungle. At the pier it was a waiter waiting with tray full of jucie glasses. It was nice welcome. Then we got to our cabins - beautiful stylish finishing with beds covered with mosquito nets. It was not as I imagined jungle to myself. But it was only illusion. This place was like oasis in the middle of wild forest. But this was what I had understood another day...

Here's unprocessed movie from D10 camera. Just to show you a piece of paddling exercise - it was over 1.5h of such experience...

Motorboat ride from Coca to Anangu Community Welcome Center - about 3 hours

Paddling on the trickle upstream - about 1.5 hours

Watching some birds on the way - "alarm bird" and heron

Finally view of Napo Wildlife Center...

And the plan of premises

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