Thursday, January 21, 2010

Espanola Island

Today we arrived to Espanola Island after 6 hours of overnight cruise. Boat jolted in every direction and it was really hard to sleep. When I stand up for a minute I almost vomited – laying position was much better. Luckily we survived this part of cruise. On Espanola Island we had dry landing – it means we arrived to kind of pier and suddenly noticed millions of iguanas, zillions of sea lions and trillions of crabs and birds. Animals were everywhere and we had to get round the pier to pass sea lions laying on it. The island is definitely for animals not for humans. And our guide again shown his dedication to the nature, but not to homo sapiens. On Espanola island we did special trail and on its route enjoyed nice birds and other animals. It was really interesting. And we had a lot of opportunities for photography. At the beginning weather was awful – dark and we had to use high ISO. Later it improved, but unfortunately our guide decided (not asking anyone) to get aboard almost an hour ahead of schedule!!! I was very angry on him and jumped on him. He didn't understand – for him it's better to spend 4-5 hours on board laying or sleeping than to see something interesting. I know he sees it every week, but we are paying for seeing these things. I wanted to have some time to take pictures and the rest of the group agreed with me. But his stupidity was stronger. He decided to get back and spend most of the day on board. He was resentful on me and didn't appear for the lunch and dinner – before we usually were eating at the same table, talking spanish and it was quite pleasant. It only confirms his lack of understanding. Later in the afternoon we was in the Gardener Bay for some swimming and snorkeling. Water was very dirty with a lot of sand and no visibility near the beach. I had a little headache, so didn't decide to swim around the rock where, what I heard later, visibility was better. People had seen shark and fish there. I stayed at the beach and had an opportunity to observe sea lions playing with waves and sand. I've also seen many iguanas, crabs and nice birds. But what was the best, was sea lion father with two kids. The guy was training small ones – it was like a performance in the circus. I spend almost half an hour there with my small camera and recorded some movies that maybe will be available here later. It was a lot of fun and was worth being there. Then we got back on board and have another tasteful dinner before navigating to another island...

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