Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Papallacta and hummingbirds

For Tuesday we had scheduled one day trip to famous hot pools in Papallacta and to Guango Lodge to watch hummingbirds and have some time for photographing them. I must say I was disappointed with Papallacta, because it was very small place with few micro pools - nothing special. Air had temperature like 8C, so it was cold. Water probably was a little bit warmer, but I didn't decide to use it. Most interesting was other place - Guango Lodge. We were surprised how many different species of hummingbirds are flying there. They were within the reach of our hands and sometimes were even sitting on us. But it didn't mean it's easy to take picture. First hummingbirds were close to bird tables and when I take a picture of the bird, I don't want to have big red plastic stuff in it. Second it was dark. Of course I had flash and better beamer, but flash photography is still something a little bit unknown to me. Third - my dream was to take picture of hummingbird in fly with frozen, spreaded wings. But these beasts are fast. Before you focus your lens on the flying bird, it's already gone. The only working trick was to remember the place where they are usually hanging in the air and set lens to it, then wait. Unfortunately our time was limited and learning curve a little bit slow, so effects are as they are... sorry.

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