Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quito sightseeing tour

That day we had to wake up at 4:30!!! This was because our organizers from NWC were obliged to deliver us to the airport for the flight from Coca back to Quito. So we started during pitch black night over the black waters of the lake, among caymans, paddling to the Napo river. Then they moved us back to motorboats and we had over two hours nap on way to Coca. In Coca they checked us for the VIP flight to Quito. And I must say that finally I came across the airport that is smaller than Warsaw Okecie! It's really hard to find such an airport, but they have one in Coca - you can check it for yourself. Eventually we got boarded on small Dornier 328 with the most beautiful stewardess I've ever met. I must say that ecuadorian airlines have really beautiful girls and it's a pleasure to flight with them. Strongly recommended.
We arrived to hotel Cayman about 12:30 and in 15 minutes were ready for Quito sightseeing tour. I will not write a lot about it, because it's hard to pass written information while you really must see this wonderful city. It real name is San Francisco de Quito, but most often is called just Quito - capital of Ecuador. Quito is actually a big city - its population counts over 1.8 million people and it has large area - 324 square km. Elevation of the capital of Ecuador is 2800 m over sea level that makes it second-highest administrative capital city in the world (first is La Paz in Bolivia - to be visitied on one of my next trips, definitely) and the highest legal capital. The other very interesting fact is that Quito, along with Krakow, were the first Cultural Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO in 1978!
So we have nice about 4 hours trip over the old city and visited all the most interesting churches and monuments. Our guide had a great knowledge of Quito and good presentation skills. I really like this city. It reminds me old european cities like Lisaboa or Barcelona, but has much better atmosphere and more pretty girls. After all see the pictures yourself...

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