Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting back to Miami

Wake up call 5:30 am, quick shower, packing last pieces of luggage and really fast and small breakfast. We had to be at the airport 3 hours ahead of scheduled flight time, it means 6:55 am. Ok. Got there. For what? I don't know. Probably just because some people wanted to do it this way. Airport in Quito is big and nice, but it will not last forever. In a year or two it will be rearranged to city park! Yes, that's true! They're just finishing the new, biggest airport, 35 km away of the city center(in Ecuador they can just do it, in Poland, they only can discuss about it...) So it's another thing that will disappear after our visit (to remind you, previous were: WTC, Navajo Fall in Havasupai reservation, Wall Arch in Arches NP).
After checking in we were forced to pay 40.80 USD airport fee! I was surprised. I thought we've already paid it with our ticket, but no - one must pay such money with cash at the airport, before getting farther. It's checked few times on your way to the gate then. Finally we got to the gate over 2 hours ahead of our scheduled flight time and even got on board on time. Unfortunately it had been some incident on board and crew asked everybody to leave the aircraft along with carry-on. It turned on that some lady was trying to fly without proper documents or tickets and they suspected her for terrorist. Ok. We had over 2 hours of delay, but eventually departed from wonderful Quito. As if out of spice weather was beautiful and we managed to see some volcanos covered with snow. What a lack of luck!
We've landed in Miami late and immigration procedures took a lot of time, so reached Alamo car rental office 5:30. We ordered midsize car, but that day was a special promotion and at the same price we got big Dodge Grand Caravan. With this car we got to Key West at 22:15 stopping by in recommended Chappy's restaurant (thanks Seba!) just ahead of 7-mile bridge. After finally getting to the SeaShell Motel I made a call to my friends - Key West residents. They were just having some nice drinks at Duval street. So we joined them. Atmosphere was nice and we even were caught by local photographer. Our pictures should be in local newspaper soon (If I get them, I'll publish pics here). After few drinks there, they (and we with them) moved to famous pub Bourbon. There we had more drinks and eventually reached the hotel very late. It was really weakening day... and what's worse - we did take no pictures!

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