Friday, January 22, 2010

Last of very early wake up calls

Today was our last day on Galapagos. We had very early wake-up call - 5:45. Even before breakfast, first thing in the morning, we've visited North Seymour Island. There we had a chance to see blue footed boobies, sea lions, frigate birds, pelicans, yellow iguanas and other beasts for the last time. Due to very early wake up call, we got to the island in darkness. I had to use ISO3200 to get anything, but finally managed to get some photos with frigates with their red sac. Excursion to the shore was rather short, so just after that we had breakfast on board and cruised to the Baltra island where airport is located. There we got to the airport to catch plane to Quito. Flight back was strange, because we also had stopover in Guayaquil. However this time they asked as to get off the plane and board another, smaller one! In the evening we reached our hotel in Quito. After leaving luggage, we decided to eat something and started wandering around the city. Hotel Cayman is located in the so known new Quito where there's a lot of nice restaurants. I had tomato soup with avocado and two big empanadas. Place was nice, so maybe we'll visit it again. After visiting some shops we eventually got back to hotel and grabbed Internet, so I'm updating my blog, reading corporate e-mails and generally catching up with my second life. Especially for MickeyW and other guys some more pictures - this time weather was worse, so I'm also suffering sometimes :)

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