Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WD TV Live

Few months ago I've purchased great disk array from Iomega. During xmas I started wondering how to display digital data stored on it to my plasma tv. I came across some multimedia players from Iomega and other vendors, but unfortunately they turned out to be crap. Finally I found WD TV Live from Western Digital. It has great opinions and reviews and was rather cheap (below 400 PLN). It has GE and HDMI and few USB connections, so everything I need.
I've ordered it and connected to the tv over HDMI, to LAN hub over GE and to my Onkyo stereo receiver over optical cable. Now I can watch hi resolution (1080p) digital content on my tv, listen to flac, mp3 and other files on my home audio at the highest possible quality and even browse photos stored on Iomega with tv remote - really easy.
I must say this device is awesome! I recommend it to everyone.

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