Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rainy Key West

I woke up hearing rain behind the window. It was unbelievable! We were in Key West! But it was true. Rain outside. What can you do in such a rainy day on Key West? Hard to guess. We decided to do some shopping (but number of shops is limited on the island) and visiting the port and city center. Rain jacket was helpful, but somehow weather had changed a little bit and it stopped to rain later in the day. Actually we didn't take any pictures.
In the evening my friends (thanks again Kasia and Polu!) invited us for a dinner - typical Key West dinner. Sea food. Very sophisticated, because my friend is very good cook. He served us tuna tartar, then Alaskan King's Crabs and lobsters. All of it was complemented with good white wine. Really great dinner. After that we headed back to the city center for some drinks. Then I don't remember too much, but evening was really great and relaxing... see some sea food pictures in the preparation process...

Greetings for Jay!

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