Monday, February 8, 2010

200th entry!

So... I'm surprised, but this is entry number 200! My blog seems to be alive and I can't stop writing and sharing pics with you. What's interesting in January I had the highest number of visits per day - 44! Thanks!
I must also mention that I've visitors from 25 countries like Germany (437 visits over last year!), UK (375), United States (99), Spain (43), Brazil (31), Ecuador (30), Norway (29), Malysia (7), Peru (4), Finalnd (3), Canada (3), Belgium (2), Australia (2), Ireland (2), South Korea, Hungary, Portugal, Columbia, Indonesia, Greece, Argentina, Estonia, Russia, etc... That's interesting and that means that I've made good choice to write this blog in English.
Thanks a lot to my international readers! Please put more comments...thanks again!

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