Tuesday, July 17, 2012

European Horseshoe band

When I've spotted this place for the first time somewhere in the guide, Horseshoe band came to my mind immediately. It's almost identical, but green not orange. It has similar river band, it has similar shape of the hill, it's same difficult to find good time of the day to catch nice clouds in the picture. But there's one difference, this green place is much more accessible. It's located just next to the road from Virpazar to Cetinje (Montenegro). Or even better is to find this place starting from Cetinje. But before I've found it (there were only picture in the guide and no exact directions, so it took me few hours and opportunity to take few interesting pictures on the way) I had to drive around little bit. Your task is easier - here are coordinates of the spot:
Latitude 42° 21' 42.17"N
Longitude 19° 3' 25.47"E
And few pics I've taken on my way and on location.


Pawel said...

Było się mnie zapytać ! Nam też zajęło to chwilę ale się udało.

-C said...

żebym wiedział, żę będę szukał, to bym się zapytał :)