Monday, May 28, 2012

Scotland: Back to Glencoe

Glencoe inspired me much. When I was planning the trip, I've made a mistake and decided to get to Loch Achtriochtan on one of the first days. I wasn't completely aware where exactly is the lake and it appeared to be rally taugh to find and moreover to be close to the Glencoe Visitor's Center. So after first visit to Glencoe it turned out that two days later I was there again. It was very good news, because I've alread known a little bit about the place and had time to hike. Lady in Visitor's Center recommended quite easy trail to Devil's Staircase. It was perfect choice as you can see the view from the top on one of the pics below. I also wanted to see Loch Leven with deserted Kinlochleve at the top of the lake and wonderful waterfalls. So we had nice ride around the wonderful lake (view on one of pics below). Because I had seen nice pics from Glencoe Lochan, I stubborny decided to get there. It wasn't easy to find and at first sight wasn't amazing. But after visiting it I belive that it's possible to get nice picture of this place. My isn't nice, however I put it here.
Finally I must say that Glencoe is one of the best place to visit in Scotland. If I had more time, I would do more hikes - next time for sure. This mountains are really wonderful! For everyone visiting Scotland it's a must, but remember to get good guide and detailed map - it's difficult to find places!

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